Lake Norman Water Temperature


The Lake Norman water temperature varies based on water levels and season of the year. Thanks to McBryde Website design for providing this handy water thermometer.

For daily water levels and Lake Norman Water temperature you can call 1-800-829-5253

Lake Norman is North Carolina’s largest man-made lake, and is enjoyed by thousands of tourists yearly. With year-round activities available, it is a primary attraction in  North Carolina.

Activities include fishing, boating, camping and Jet Skis. There are many wonderful restaurants in the area, as well as shopping., Vacations with more room.

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  • Daniel Miller

    This place is unbelievably beautiful! I live in NY and went to Lake Norman with some guys from my company and the first thing that amazed us was the clean air; compared to NY this is HEAVEN, it has clean, breathable air. They have 5 stars services for 2-3 stars prices and they know how to treat their customers.