Lake Norman Jet Ski RentalsIf water adventure is what you’re looking for then Lake Norman jet ski rentals is the activity for you! Don’t own a jet ski? No problem, because there are many different places where rentals of Jet Skis are available.

Where can I find Lake Norman Jet Ski Rentals?

Lake Norman Jet Ski Rentals, owned and operated by CS Rentals of Lake Norman, offers one-of-a-kind experiences with their high-performance Jet Skis. Their exceptional customer service will leave you worry-free and make sure that you have the best Jet Ski rental experience. Everything you need is provided; including safety-training, life jackets, and more. Rentals are available every day of the week from 9am to 6pm. If you want reserve a Jet Ski in advance, a reservation is highly recommended. However, walk-ups are acceptable on a first-come first-served basis (depending on availability).

Lake Effects have Jet Skis that are available for daily rental, or for the entire week. They provide excellent service and include all amenities that are needed for a wonderful Jet Ski experience.

Carolina Boat Rentals rents their jet skis on an appointment basis. Their crew will do all things needed for your Jet Ski adventure, they will teach you how to operate the Jet Ski and provide you with life jacket for safe and fun water adventure.

Lake Norman Jet Ski RentalsOther Lake Norman Jet Ski rentals are offered at Kings Point Marina, situated just 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte. They boast an 800-slip marina that provides easy access to your boat; Skipper’s Landing, situated 30 minutes north of Charlotte and close to Statesville and Greensboro; Aquaventure Watercraft Rentals and Boat Club, offers great Jet Skis and has exceptional customer service; Saltshaker Marine, serving Lake Norman for 25 years makes them one of the most knowledgeable in the are; Premier Boat Rentals, over 30 years of experience in boating and knowledgeable about Lake Norman; and Jet Ski Rentals at Lake Norman.

Watch out for marked shallow parts on the water, wear proper life-jackets, cruise away from shoreline and points, and avoid collisions. These tips will help you have a fun and adventurous day in the waters of Lake Norman, North Carolina!, Vacations with more room.


  1. Hellena Tisdale
    June 28, 2014

    I recommend the guys at Morningstar marinas; they had excellent service and very reasonable prices. We rented a 2 person jet ski for 7 hours for only $300 and when it had a minor engine problem they didn’t charge us extra or try to blame it on us, they just replaced our jet ski.

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