Sunset Hills Golf Course

Sunset Hills Golf Course is a unique combination of golf that dates back to the roots of golf in America. Many learned to play the game on low-cost, inexpensive, and fun-to-play publicly owned courses. Most of these facilities have either closed or experienced renovations that made them more difficult AND expensive, neither of which appeals to most golfers. Sunset Hills offers two distinct courses that fill the need for an inexpensive, fun, and NON-INTIMIDATING round of golf. Each offers something for golfers of all skill levels and does so for a price that is unmatched ANYWHERE!

THE LEARNING COURSE AT SUNSET HILLS was designed with the idea that learning should be fun! This 9-hole course is perfect for beginning, intermediate, and advanced golfers to hone their skills. It is a short course of all Par-3 holes, nestled among a beautiful 40-acre wooded tract. Multiple tee boxes provide various distance and skill challenges, so you are assured of everything you need for a great golf experience!

THE “OLD COURSE” AT SUNSET HILLS is a regulation 18-hole course that compliments the Learning Course perfectly. The prices are always reasonable, and you can enjoy the challenge of a longer course without worrying about unfair hazards and difficult shots you might find on a championship-caliber course. If you want a fast, fun, and affordable golf round, The Old Course is perfect, no matter your skill level.

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  1. Sara Pialla
    June 28, 2014

    My parents decided to spend this summer’s vacation in a Lake Norman cabin and I plan to surprise my father and book two reservations for him and my mother. They never visited North Carolina and I hope they enjoy this trip as they had a hard year. Thanks for providing these discounts!

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